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TP-Link Archer AX50 Wifi 6 Router
TP-Link Archer AX50 Wifi 6 Router

Hello everyone, my name is Thomas Lerche and I am 49 years old and from Denmark, but live in Ecuador with my Ecuadorian wife in Quito. I would very much like to welcome you to Electronicstip.

I have been interested in electronics, since I got my first Nikko stereo in 1985 (The brand Nikko, Doesn´t exist anymore though). Since then, I have had several both low, mid and high value stereos since then, but in general I love electronics as a whole, be it Computers, Wifi-Routers, Cellular phones, etc. I myself like, if my wallet allows it, to have the newest and most advanced technology out there and I try to get at the lowest price possible.



I therefore want to help people like yourself, getting the newest and most advanced technology and gadgets for the

Apple Laptops
Apple Laptops

lowest price available. I my vicinity in Quito, Ecuador in getting the newest technology available. I also gladly give my own semi-new technology away to people, who perhaps doesn´t have the means to buy new, which even though, that it is not the newest tech out there at the time, still is a significant upgrade, from what they had before.



My goal therefore is to guide and help people find the best and most suitable product for them and their immidiate

Marantz PM6006 Hifi Amplifier
Marantz PM6006 Hifi Amplifier

needs. I would also love to help in trying to answer any and all questions that people may have in which product, they want to buy, such, that they don´t use unnessesary money on functions in a product, which they know in advance, that they will not use or need.

Very Good Hunting to You All

Sincerely and All the best.

Thomas Lerche

Founder Electronicstip – https://electronicstip.com/

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